RumbaTap BASIC Instructional DVD

No experience necessary! … Anybody can learn it! … Perfect for beginners!

Max Pollak teaches his RumbaTap style of Afro-Cuban influenced tap dance and body percussion.RumbaTap BASIC takes tap and body percussion to a new level of polyrhythmic expression. Easy step-by-step break-down of every exercise, groove, step and break. RumbaTap BASIC will open your ears to hear more levels and colors in music. Have more energy and focus. RumbaTap BASIC will relax your body and free up your mind. You can enjoy yourself more while dancing and play more accurately.

This easy step-by-step training method will help you visualize,
play and dance rhythms with confidence and accuracy. It is designed to help you express your musical ideas using the world’s very first musical instrument, the human body – hands, voice and feet. Each exercise, groove and move is broken down slowly, then practiced as a drill for several minutes along with Max Pollak demonstrating. Each drill can also be used to practice variations and improvisation. Max Pollaks RumbaTap takes body percussion and tap to a whole new level of polyrhythmic expression. Using basic Afro-Cuban principles, it will open your ears to more dimensions and colors in music. Charge your groove with Clave!

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